Supt. David White

Superintendent David White
Police Officers Association Representative Management Committee Member Operations Officer Area Two

Superintendent David White has had a long standing relationship with representation and welfare matters. His zeal over the many years has not waned following many years of service at the Police Federation in various capacities to include Chairman, General Secretary, Project Manager and Welfare Officer.

SP White has served many divisions and formation to include the now defunct Special Branch, Saint Catherine South, Saint Catherine North, Saint Andrew North Westmoreland, Clarendon, Manchester and presently Saint Ann.

He was one of the pioneer in Community Based Policing and was a household name in the Portmore Communities as also the various churches. It is an open secret that Superintendent had a desire to be a man of the cloth.

His open smile can be very misleading, as he is a disciplinarian with a no nonsense attitude. He is very result oriented with little or no tolerance for mediocrity.

He has served in the capacity of Welfare fund Management Committee for the past five years. His business acumen and welfare competences will continue to add value and accountability to the Management of the fund.