Inspector Jacqueline Elizabeth-Brown

Inspector Jacqueline Elizabeth-Brown

Communication Strategist, Research and Projects Director

The never say die attitude of Inspector Jacqueline Elizabeth Brown is a trait that endears persons to this representation guru. When faced with a gargantuan task, her favorite saying is, “let us get it done, it can be done, we are not afraid of anyone, a man is just a man.”


The PR Guru with a Heart and a Pen

A 28-year veteran of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Inspector Brown is a Media Specialist with specialization in Public Relations, Social Worker and a certified Career Guidance Counsellor. She is the author of the Police Federation News Letter ‘On the Beat’ the conceptualizer of ‘Straight Talk’ the author of 95% of the Police Federation’s Annual Report for the Annual Joint Central Conferences and produces Press Releases for topical issues on behalf of the Police Federation. Inspector Brown served the Police Federation as a member of the Secretariat in 2004 and later joined the Central Executive in 2008, with the portfolio responsibility of General Secretary. She continued as General Secretary until she was promoted in 2013. There was however a one year break from that task in 2011.

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She has always assumed leadership roles and is the current chairman of the Inspectors’ Branch Board (IBB). Inspector Brown is a depth at establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between the Police Federation and its publics. She encourages stakeholder participation and partnership for a sustainable Police Federation. An advocate of lifelong learning. Inspector Brown is presently pursuing a Master of Science Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. The former Gender Affairs Director, over the period 2019-2022, successfully addressed over thirty gender related cases with a 90% success rate. Inspector Brown breathes life and stability in everything she touches, she brings to the Police Federation sobriety, competence, discipline and knowledge. Her favourite quote is” what nuh dead nuh dash it whey.” Her mantra, the Lord is my light and salvation, who shall I fear.