Corporal Rohan James

Corporal Rohan James

Jamaica Police Federation Chairman

The daily life of Corporal Rohan James, Chairman of the Police Federation is filled with the adrenaline of representation. The hard hitting, hard talking and action oriented chairman is never fearful when it comes to getting the best for the rank and file membership. He is integrally involved in the strategic management of the Federation and has spearheaded a number of policy changes with the Jamaica Constabulary Force High Command and the Police Federation.

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Chairman James is not easily distracted even if it appears that the odds are against him and the Federation. Cpl. James joined the Island Special Constabulary Force in 1995, and then the Jamaica Constabulary Force in 1998, giving 27 years of sterling service. For those who know him well, you are aware that his policing love and specialization is operations.

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He wears many hats and is a certified paralegal, the police representative on the National Housing Trust Board where he has negotiated many housing welfare matters for members and a police representative of the Kiwanis Club of Kingston. Corporal James uses his experience as past Welfare and Legal Director to marshal the welfare needs of the membership. Although he appears quiet and unassuming, he is a vigorous defender of the human rights of all police officers.