Det. Sgt. Tameca Yolanda Thomas

Det. Sgt. Tameca Yolanda Thomas

Director of Research and Documentation

Former General Secretary and Welfare Director Detective Sergeant Tameca Thomas has served the Police Federation since 2014. She joined as a member of the secretariat after active representation at the Narcotics Division. She later joined the Central Executive and was appointed Welfare Director. She distinguished herself in the field of Welfare and in 2019, was elected to the position of General Secretary where she earned the name “Genwell, General Secretary and Welfare Director. Since assuming the role of Research and Documentation Director, she has researched various ways to make members application and other processes at the Police Federation more efficient and current with the use of Technology.


From Strategy to Execution

She has an enviable track record as she encountered many representational challenges, chief among them, the Global Pandemic COVID, and has found workable solutions. She was instrumental in placing the Forty Hour Work Week matter before the court and the implementation of the Contingent Loan. Detective Sergeant Thomas has distinguished herself as a dedicated, committed, selfless Police Federation Representative.

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Experience & Activities

She has streamed lined the Computer Loan application process so members do not wait for an inordinately long time to get computers, as also the Hypothecation Loan. Even while on short leave locally or abroad, she never misses an opportunity to ensure that all members files are promptly dealt with and they are satisfied. One cannot help but admire her persistence (although mildly annoying at times), when she is dealing with a members’ situation. A team player, she never misses an opportunity to lend support to a member in trouble irrespective of where the member is located. After a full work week, she traverses the length and breadth of the island on weekends, to give support to members’ in need.