Sergeant Lloyd Duncan

Sergeant Lloyd Duncan

Police Federation Director of Welfare & Quality Assurance

Any good chef knows that it takes several ingredients to perfect the taste of any dish. Representation is not about beautiful speaking or accolades placed with your name in the Force Orders; representation is about having respect for your colleagues, loving your colleagues, doing the heavy lifting for your colleagues when they need help the most, understanding strategic policies and networking for better welfare and Force efficiency. Representation is about maintaining discipline with honesty and integrity.


Representing With Resilience

Representation is being called names and learning to smile through the storms of public life. These are the principles that guides the daily activities of Sergeant Lloyd Anthony Duncan, the Welfare Director of the Jamaica Police Federation. He is a 25 years’ veteran who is presently assigned to the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB), He previously served, then Mobile Reserve and Motorized Patrol, and was a member of the Quick Response Team. In 2008, he was temporarily assigned to the Police Federation as a Dispatcher, but would always engage in the Administrative work of the Federation when he was not on the road.

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Experience & Activities

Destined for great things, he assumed the role of Assistant Office Manager in 2014, and in 2016 he became one of the best Office Managers to ever grace the office of the Police Federation. He continued on his path of representation, and in December 2020, he joined the Central Executive team with the portfolio responsibility of Welfare Director. Sergeant Duncan has a vast level of experience, but not only does he has experience, he asserts himself quietly and diligently, with never a complaint. His small motorcar can be seen on hospital compounds at various hours, night and day ensuring those in hospital are well taken care of. Sergeant Duncan is the epitome of professionalism and love for his colleagues. Since assuming the Welfare Director Portfolio, he made the monumental move of training Welfare Agents in Divisions and Formations to augment the work of the Federation. This is the first in the history of the Police Federation and should be applauded. His favourite quote is “all you can do in this world to feel good about yourself, is to provide help to your fellow man.”