Detective Constable Nigel Murphy

Detective Constable Nigel Murphy

Director of Training, Development and Logistics

Detective Constable Nigel Murphy continues to grow and distinguish himself as a stalwart representative. As a member who performed financial and cyber-crimes duties at CTOC, he is comfortable with the directorship role, Training, Development and Logistics. He continues to be a vanguard for the Federation’s operations. He was integral in the preparation and opening of the Police Federations’ Area 2 Office and ensures that the office is always manned.


Aim to Educate

The series ‘‘Let’s talk Firearms with the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA),” is his brain child and has assisted many members with outstanding and contentious matters with the FLA. Members have been the recipients of over 20 workshops and seminars over the period 2019 to present, in different arears such as Customer Service and Understanding the Functions of INDECOM.

Connect With Us

Experience & Activities

Detective Constable Murphy knows what it is to be in the trenches and can be seen working alongside his colleagues in the Cooperate Area and Saint Catherine, in the nights after duties at the Federation and on weekends. He is not afraid to engage in any criminal encounter or call of a prowler on premises. He is consistently advocating for better working conditions for the men and women in the Zones of Special Operations and is very vocal on every platform that lends an opportunity to speak. He is very multifaceted when it comes to the welfare duties of the Federation and no location is too far or treacherous for him to journey to, in support of a colleague. His private motorcar is jokingly referred to by members as the blue JPF vehicle. He is on the path to ensuring staff efficiency and the viability of our resources for members’ benefit.