Constable Koy Marriott

Constable Koy Marriott

Police Federation Director of Legal Affairs

Meet Constable Koy Marriott, the newly minted Director Legal Affairs at the Police Federation. While he is the last member to join the Central Committee, he is an old hand at representation, and in the Jamaican parlance, he has hit the ground running.

This past student of Saint Mary Technical High School, attended the College of Agriculture, Science and Education where he attained his teaching Diploma in Primary Education. He taught Mathematics and Science at the High Gate Primary and Junior High, and later joined his first love the Jamaica Constabulary Force in 2013.

Transformational Leadership

Legal and Training Titan

It is quiet fitting that he was assigned the first portfolio responsibility as Director of Training, as not only is he a teacher, but an Instructor and Certified Breathalyzer and Speed Enforcement Analysis. After the Annual Joint Central Conferences in May, 2022, he was assigned the Legal Affairs Directorship.

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Affairs Directorship. Secretariat where his love for representation blossomed and was realized by the then General Secretary, who made him understudy the role of Welfare Director and Accounts. He has vast knowledge of representation, coupled with his passion, drive and exuberance. Since he was co-opted in January 2022, he has conducted workshops aimed at members’ development to include the very important Appropriate Officers Workshop. There are several workshops and seminars to come on stream, to include, Mental Health with focus on Stress Management, Transformational Leadership, Conflict Management and Resolution and Financial Health and Wellness. His commitment and dedication to representation is unwavering and is not fearful of tackling any situation that a member presents. His steps are ordered by this verse from the Bible, James 4:10 “Humble yourself before the Lord and he will lift you up” as also this quote, “Tomorrow is a new day, so put your trust in God.”