Inspector Blanche Sophia-Codner

Inspector Blanche Sophia-Codner

Police Federation Director of Accounts & Gender Affairs

Her good natured personality belies the strength of steel that characterizes her representational skills and acumen. Meet Inspector Blanche Sophia Codner, a 26-year stalwart of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Director of Accounts and Gender Affairs at the Police Federation.


Financial Wizardry

She has the herculean task of ensuring proper accounting systems, ensuring compliance with international standards evident with the production of our accounts. She ensures all loan portfolios are properly kept, advises the General Secretary and Committee on accounting options, ensure staff compliance with best fit accounting practices and monitor the various funds and payment projection in an effort to have timely cheque preparation and disbursement.

Connect With Us

Experience & Activities

She has streamed lined the Computer Loan application process so members do not wait for an inordinately long time to get computers, as also the Hypothecation Loan. Even while on short leave locally or abroad, she never misses an opportunity to ensure that all members files are promptly dealt with and they are satisfied. One cannot help but admire her persistence (although mildly annoying at times), when she is dealing with a members’ situation. A team player, she never misses an opportunity to lend support to a member in trouble irrespective of where the member is located. After a full work week, she traverses the length and breadth of the island on weekends, to give support to members’ in need.